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Our Mission

To be cause agnostic, we want to make a positive difference in the world by donating a portion of our revenue to charitable organizations that support various causes.

To raise awareness of the positive effects that puzzles have on cognitive development.

To bring families together with a form of entertainment that does not involve staring at a screen.   

...We're here to make a difference.

How Does it Work?

Increasing cognitive development, helping others, and bringing families together again without the need of a television screen or headphones…what’s not to love!?

Stories in The Form of Puzzles

With every photo comes a story. our puzzles enables you to connect with the cause that we’re supporting each month.

Making a Real Impact

Each Month we donate a portion of our revenue to support the cause of that month. This wouldnt be possible without your support!

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      Our monthly subscription does not require any    commitment, cancel at any time!

Who do we Support?

Upcoming Causes of the Month

April 2018 - World Hunger
May 2018 - Womens Self Defense & Empowerment
June 2018 - Helping War Veterans
July 2018 - Awareness for People with Disabilities

Check out our Past Campaigns:

Each month we have a follow-up to show the impact that your contributions made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Big Picture Puzzle work?

Each month you’ll receive a jigsaw puzzle in the mail. The images used on our puzzles are intended to highlight the cause or non-profit of the month. Each puzzle is accompanied with a story that describes the image used and the cause that we’re supporting. We then donate a portion of our monthly revenue to support that cause!

What is the monthly challenge?

Each month we have a monthly challenge. The first person to post a photo of their finished jigsaw puzzle will win a price. The prize is 50% off their next month’s puzzle!

Is there free shipping?

YES, you simply pay for the subscription and we’ll take care of the rest.